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A team of storytellers committed to positively shifting the frames of reference related to a product, service, or idea through their creative services and custom video.



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This is our team here at FrameShift Creative! We are a tight-knit group that has cohesively worked together for several years. Each one of us has a unique mastery of skills that stem from a boatload of creative experience. And unlike the other guys, what you see is what you get. For real. We don't outsource any of our work to freelancers or independent contractors. We do it all in-house with the same level of collaboration that each creative endeavor deserves. Because, in the end, what are we other than our work?


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Head Storyteller

Before anything else, I'm a big brother. However, storytelling is my way of life. It's what started this team and it's why I’m here to help you tell yours. I don't like most things - but the things I do are my obsessions and those passions exist where leadership meets creativity. Having the privilege to write, direct, and edit both my original stories and branded projects over the past 6 years has allowed me to begin making the sort of impact on the world that even a perfectionist like me can be proud of. And unlike my beloved NY Jets, I will stop at nothing to make sure my success only continues to grow. View my work..




Visual Storyteller

My eye for aesthetics has been evolving since 6th grade when I began making films with my brothers on an iPod Touch. I'm here to make you look good. By whatever means necessary. Fortunately enough, that skill has given me the honor of being the D.P. and editor on all sorts of projects ranging from mini-documentaries to award-winning films. I also love sports, Riverdale, and cotton candy ice cream. (Even though I'm told that I'm too old to order it.)




Technical Storyteller

I’m the guy who makes things go. Whether it's sheds, cars, or sound booths, I can build almost anything. I just love making stuff -- especially cool content. I don't need to be in front of the camera or in the limelight. I just want to see things work. With creative experience ranging from video games to audio to lighting, I'm able to fix any and all problems that are bound to arise on set. Although I've had some major success in modeling (not really), you can count on me to be the level-headed one among my crazy co-workers.



Digital Storyteller

I’m the guy that puts it all together. It’s my job to find the footage that’ll make you shine. I hide mistakes and make the good stuff, well, gooder. So if your employee’s teeth need to look whiter, or your music video tighter - I’m your guy. And if you don’t notice my work, that usually means I’m doing a good job. When I’m not editing, I’m probably losing to Tyler in tennis.



Client Relations


Asst. Visual Storyteller


Investigative Storyteller


Asst. Visual Storyteller



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